The leader in C.N.C. precision machining since 1952.


Our Quality group is responsible for developing quality plans that meet our customer's highest demands.

Our Quality group uses statistical methods and Zeiss CMMs to better understand the process output. This information allows us to adjust our processes to reduce variation. This has ultimately led to superior quality ratings with our customers.


  • Quality engineering job review and computerized inspection reports in 1,500 sq. ft. temperature-controlled room
  • Zeiss Contura G2, Granite Size 76″ x52″ x33″, giving Will-Mor the ability to not only manufacture but also measure NON-PRISMATIC SHAPES
  • Zeiss Contura CMM with Auto-Probe, Auto Scan Technology
  • InspectionXpert Quality Management System
  • DEA coordinate measuring machining with software S.P.C. 26.7″ x 18.3″ x 13.7”
  • (1) Optical Comparator
  • Complete complement of computerized calibrated inspection equipment and gauges
  • (3) B&S micro-hites 24″
  • 4.0′x8.0′x14″surface plate